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Bone Grafting in Miami, FL

Welcome to Dr. G Dental Studio, Your Gateway to the Best Dentist in Miami for Dental Implants and More!

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Are you searching for the “best dentist near me” in Miami? Look no further! Dr. G Dental Studio specializes in providing top-notch dental care, including the most affordable and high-quality dental implants in Miami. Our expertise in bone grafting and implant surgery positions us as the leading choice for anyone seeking the best implant surgeon in the area.

A bone grafting procedure involves adding extra bone tissue to your jaw to help with tooth restoration. The graft material we use at Dr G Dental Studio can be natural or synthetic; but either one can strengthen and rebuild your jawbone to support dental implants.  

The bone beneath the gums will also deteriorate when a tooth is lost. Maintaining a healthy jawbone through traditional fillings or crowns makes it hard. That’s why many people turn to dental implants. But your bone must be fit enough to support the implant. That’s where bone grafting comes in. It’s a relatively simple procedure that supplements your bone with a healthy mixture of human or bovine bone graft material. Then your body will naturally grow new bone tissue around it to help strengthen the area. 

Types of Bone Grafting


Autografts are bone grafts harvested from the patient’s own body. The most common sources for autografts in dental and maxillofacial surgery are the chin, the back of the jaw, or the hip. Autografts are considered the gold standard for bone grafting as they provide live bone cells and have the potential to integrate well with the recipient site.


Allografts are bone grafts obtained from a human donor other than the patient. The bone is carefully processed and sterilized to eliminate any risk of disease transmission. Allografts are commonly used in dental and maxillofacial surgery as they eliminate the need for a second surgical site and reduce patient morbidity. Allografts serve as a scaffold for new bone growth, allowing the patient’s body to replace the graft material with its bone gradually.


Xenografts are bone grafts derived from animals. Like allografts, xenografts are processed and sterilized to remove any potential for disease transmission. Xenografts are commonly used in bone grafting as they provide a scaffold for new bone formation, allowing the patient’s body to remodel the graft material over time.

Synthetic Grafts

Synthetic grafts are artificial bone grafts made from biocompatible materials, such as calcium phosphate or hydroxyapatite. These materials mimic the composition of natural bone and encourage new bone growth. Synthetic grafts are often used when the patient’s bone or other grafting options are not available or suitable. 

The Benefits of Bone Graft Surgery

Bone Regeneration

The primary benefit of bone graft surgery is the ability to regenerate and restore lost or damaged bone. Grafting techniques involve placing graft materials into the affected area, stimulating and promoting bone regeneration and filling defects or voids. 

Dental Implant Support

Bone graft surgery is often used in dental implant procedures. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots inserted into the jawbone to support dental restorations like crowns or bridges. Thus, sufficient bone volume and density are necessary for successful implant placement. Bone grafts can augment areas of inadequate bone, providing a stable foundation for the dental implant and enhancing the long-term success of the implant treatment. 

Bone graft surgery can improve overall dental function and aesthetics by restoring lost bone volume and supporting dental implants or natural teeth. Contact Dr G Dental Studio at 2500 SW 107th Ave #45, Miami, 33165, or call (305) 217-6453 to learn more about bone grafting.

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